Knoxonian - Week 7 Term 3 2019

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Mr Scott James

Parent and student feedback
Each year the School commissions Macquarie Marketing Group (MMG) to conduct a parent and student satisfaction survey. The surveys monitor and tracks the perceptions, views and expectations across Years 6, 7, 10 and 12. The data collected delivers reliable information on how Knox is performing from a parent and student perspective.

Measuring across four year groups delivers information on what each year group of parents and students “think and feel” about Knox and how these views change as boys progress through their educational journey.

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Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me."
John 14: 6

Parent Breakfast Seminar

The conundrum of technology and how it impacts on your children

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Fees In Advance Program

For many years the School has offered a ‘fees in advance’ program to enable increased flexibility of such payments. The program is attractive for many reasons, enabling parents to make lump sum payments for years ahead which attract discounts to the scheduled fees.

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From the Head of the Preparatory School

Mrs Sue Floro

Last week was a big week in the K-2 world! We had such a wonderful morning with our Kindy dads, and then a busy and productive afternoon with our Stage 1 dads, all in celebration of Father’s Day last Sunday. The importance of the connection between boys and either their dads, or a significant and positive male role model is beyond challenge. To see our boys so excited that their dads were working and playing with them was such a joy - thank you to all of the dads who were able to rearrange their schedules to spend such a large chunk of their day with us. You were building memories that will last a long time. I hope all of our dads had a truly wonderful day on Sunday and that you were thoroughly spoilt by your boys!

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K-2 Happenings

Mrs Chris Gray, K-2 Coordinator

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, You have to be in their lives today
B. Johnson

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Kindergarten News

Mrs Mary Mae Burton, Kindergarten Team Leader

Schools are a marvellous and special place to build connection and community. Not only do we celebrate learning, we also have the opportunity to celebrate milestones, sporting achievements, special events and extraordinary people.

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Year 1 News

Mrs Emma Donaldson, Year 1 Team Leader

Congratulations to Years 1 and 2 on a fantastic Celebration of Learning! We are so proud of you. The photographs demonstrate your passion, knowledge and understanding when participating in this event.

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Year 2 News

Mrs Alicia Baldry, Year 2 Team Leader

Last Tuesday, Years 1 and 2 participated in a Stage One Celebration of Learning. This afternoon demonstrated the continuum between the year groups when exploring the Knoxigations Unit of Inquiry 'Sustainable Solutions'.

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Year 3 News

Mr Glenn Stephenson, Year 3 Team Leader

Last Thursday the annual Father’s Day Stall took place and students eagerly bought gifts for their dad or important father-figure in their life. The Year 3 team would like to extend their most sincere Father’s Day wishes to all the dads in the community and we trust you appreciated a day of being deservedly spoilt!

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Year 4 News

Mr Jared Rastall, Year 4 Team Leader

Typing Skills
Both handwriting and typing skills play an important part in the Year 4 teaching and learning programs. We have been particularly impressed with the development of the boys’ bookwork: using titles, ruling margins and writing correctly sized and spaced letters and words. To support the boys’ typing skills, we often draft writing which we then type using our iPads.

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Year 5 News

Mrs Tammy Paterson, Year 5 Team Leader

Last week, Year 5 had their Poetry Slam! The afternoon began with Chris Neale introducing the event:

"Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. On behalf of Mrs Paterson, our Year 5 teachers and my fellow students I would like to welcome you all to an enthralling and engaging afternoon of Australian poetry brilliance. Now that reminds me … as you travel from afar all of you who struck this Sydney Town, I noticed as I walked past the trains, that there was movement at the station as the word had passed around, that Knox Year 5 boys were presenting the world renowned poetry slam!

So please sit back relax under the shade of our Coolibah tree and listen to some of Australia's most iconic poems and presenters."

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Year 6 News

Mr Liam Flanagan, Year 6 Team Leader

Lots of wonderful events happening in the coming four weeks for Year 6! This has been a very exciting time for the boys with various activities completed and special events taking place. Next week many of the boys in Year 6 will be auditioning for this year’s Knoxfactor competition. The staff are looking forward to seeing a wide range of talents being put on display and the confidence the boys have in themselves to 'have a go' at this very illustrious competition. All staff would like to wish the boys the best of luck and we look forward to seeing how the competition progresses over the coming weeks.

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Musical Notes

Ms Rebeccah Morris, Miss Ali Irwin and Mr Ashley George

Australian String Festival, 8 September
This Sunday the Prep String Ensemble, Concert Strings and Prep Orchestra will be performing at the Australian String and Orchestra Festival. Please note the below times for each band’s arrival.

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K-2 Literacy Centre and 3-6 Library

Mrs Emma-Kate Smith and Mrs Jo Wheatley

2019 Premier’s Reading Challenge
Congratulations to all boys in K-6 who completed the 2019 Premier’s Reading Challenge. This year, we had 671 students, 94% of our School cohort, complete the challenge. Well done to all participants! Certificates will be distributed at the end of Term 4.

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Knox Academy of Performing Arts - Music

Mr James Brice, Head of Cocurricular Performing Arts (KAPA)

Woodwind Soiree #3
Nine performers from Year 6 through to Year 11 took to the Wenkart Theatre stage on the evening of Tuesday 27 August. The performers were delighted to have their first Soiree experience in the main theatre and for the Year 11 students, this was a perfect performance practice opportunity for upcoming yearly exams in Week 7.

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Knox Oratory Programs

Mr Dan Schofield, Oratory Coordinator

CAS Representative Debating
Just when they thought their school debating careers had come to an end, the Chief Adjudicator of the CAS Debating competition announced that James Price, Eugene Bakker and Zac Slonim had been selected for the CAS Representative teams! Congratulations boys on this unsurprising achievement - well deserved! James will be representing the CAS schools in the 1sts team, and Eugene and Zac will work together in the 2nds.

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Social Justice

Mrs Helen Clarke, Head of Diversity, Justice and Stewardship

The 40 Hour Backpack Challenge - on this weekend
Participating boys will undertake number of challenges over the 40 hours over the weekend. Here is what to do!

1.You need to register on the website under Knox Grammar School and in your year group (Year 10)
2. You need to start getting sponsors - from family, friends, neighbours etc. (you need to raise a substantial amount - a minimum of $200 but of course, aim for more!)
3. Think about packing your backpack for the evening of 6 September to the evening of 8 September

You do not have to go anywhere but you need to accept the challenge that whatever you pack on the Friday night will carry you through until the Sunday. Remember your health and wellbeing are important as you undertake the challenge. Pack health food, all medications and ensure that you keep yourself hydrated. There is also a 'How To' manual on the website.

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From the Head of Knox Sports and Aquatic Academy

Mr Martin Haywood

While many boys have just started their summer pre-season, our Athletes are midway through their CAS Track & Field season and enjoying some great training sessions and Saturday competition. They are pumped for a big day later in September and are calling on us to fill as many supporter Buses as we possibly can. All families should have received an email last week asking all to get onto Parent Lounge and complete the Permission form. Please remember to do so as we cannot take any boys that do not have parental permission - to and from the event.

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